Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nepal- Brain Gain Centre session with Diaspora

“Diaspora Engagement and Collaboration opportunities for Higher Education in Nepal”

Brain Gain Centre-BGC at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Nepal would like to request you to convey this message to interested member of Nepalese Diaspora Australia to join the BGC-Webinar series 2 titled as: “Diaspora Engagement and Collaboration opportunities for Higher Education in Nepal”. All panelists and dignitaries listed on the attached flyer have reconfirmed their participation for the discussion being held on Monday October 12, 2020 (Nepal Time 4PM).

How to Join ? To join the session all participants and panelists have to fill out the following Cisco webex form given in this Webinar Link below. Once the given form is filled out and submitted, CISCO Webex application will take you to the session. Mobile phone might not always support your attempt to join the session, so please use your laptop or desktop. The designed form is a part of BGC’s documentation procedure to maintain its record keeping system.

To watch Facebook live: Please see BGC Facebook page during real time session:

Questions/Topics for three rounds of discussion.
Before Answering first question panelists will provide their own introduction and briefly talk on their engagement and academic journey.
1.Share one of the recent collaborative approaches and activities – projects or initiatives you have engaged in/involved with Nepalese scholars or institutions. Why was it important and productive? What was the impact or expected impact in Nepal?
2.As an academician, research professional and leader in higher Education tell us more on what are the possible areas of collaboration and research opportunities that can be explored from down under? (Perspective institutions interested to work with Nepal, Nepali diaspora or Scholars from Nepal? Possibility of long-term exchange and collaboration)
3. What are the barriers and challenges that are posing/risking further development/collaboration in future (Resource, Capacity, Legislation and Policy)?
Just before the session and BGC has further requested you fill out this form (BGC Survey form).…/1FAIpQLSc5CjzK68…/viewform